Zero Points – the PIP nightmare continues

Another person vilified by some Atos drone who only place people in penury to collect their Atos bonus from this Gestapo government.
I hope you get a more positive result when your MR is heard. Best of luck.

Nina Childish

Zero points. When I first read the decision letter, I honestly laughed. Then I tried not to cry, and now I’m stuck in righteous anger mode (so apologies if this post is somewhat disjointed). But anger makes me productive, motivated.
Let me tell you how I got here….

It took me weeks to get my PIP assessment sorted from the time I was first offered one in March (after applying in August 2014). Initially they sent me an appointment for 8am – in Chelmsford. Since I’m in North London, this would have required me to get up at 4am to ensure I could take medication, get dressed, and leave the house in time to get the nightbus to the station for the first train. It wasn’t going to happen. I was allowed to rearrange the appointment for a more local centre, but missed it by 15 minutes – a broken lift…

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