The Cameronite-Conservative-To-English Dictionary

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by Martin Odoni

This dictionary is a simple guide to understanding and navigating the dizzying labyrinth of reality-free English customarily employed by members of the Conservative Party in England and Wales.

The guide cannot hope to be comprehensive, but it shall provide a handy analysis of the frequent and misleading phraseology of Tories, both individually and collectively, making it easier to interpret their crude and obscure alien language.

Each guide entry will open with the unconverted phrase, followed in brackets by an identifier of type e.g. a noun will be marked as {n}, a verb as {v}, an adjective as {adj.}, a mindless party motto as {pmt}, a Cameronite-ism as {cant}, an IDS-insinuation-term as {idiot}, an Osbornite-buzzword-grammaticism as {o-bugga}, a Boris-Johnson-enunciation…

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