Child Abuse in Leicestershire working document Frank Beck (updating regularly atm)

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In the light of the unexpected news about the non prosecution of Greville Janner, with so many people looking for information,  I have taken the decision to release this working document in its imperfect state so that the information I and others have compiled so far, can be utilised.

I was previously going to release a series of articles along the lines of the following 1. Profile of a Paedophile – Frank JBeck, 1a. Profile of Paedophile – Ingram 2. Frank Beck Court Case 3, Frank Beck Court case Jenner 4. Newell Report 5. Warner Inquiry and Report 6. Kirkwood Inquiry and Report 7. Kirkwood – Leicestershire Council Response 8. Foster Report and Police 9 Overarching conclusions 10 Leicestershire child abuse -other paedophiles . I will work roughly on those titles , unless someone else has or will,  and I will include their stuff.

The machinations of all the parts of the Beck case are lengthy and difficult to understand at…

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