Not worth the paper it’s written on.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

So, CaMORON and GIDIOT Osborne are sending out statements to taxpayers from today, detailing how their taxes are being spent.

George Osborne David Cameron and George Osborne Visit Eastbourne Pier

So, they are using YOUR money to tell you how YOUR money has been spent.

They are using these letters to further disenfranchise benefit claimants by saying to taxpayers , look how much of your money is being spent on these scroungers/workshy/skivers (delete as applicable)

They are using a government department – HMRC, to send these letters out!!!


Using a government department, which over the last 4 years has been subjected to the most savage job cuts

Gidiot maintains that these letters are part of the governments initiative to be open and transparent…. HA HA HA ; there goes another rib… open and transparent? when this government do things for example, such as deny people the opportunity to make Freedom of Information requests regarding deaths of benefit…

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