Vox Political on Daily Heil’s Latest Ad Hominem Attack on Miliband

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Mike over at Vox Political has posted this piece, Has ‘Red Ed’ Become ‘Red Hot Ed’ Now? in response to the Daily Mail’s article trying to present the Labour leader as some kind of sinister Don Juan, or callous Lothario preying on women’s affections. The article begins

Things have come to a pretty pass when this qualifies as news.

It seems the Conservative Party’s campaign strategy has come grinding to a halt, based as it was on claiming that Ed Miliband cannot run the UK.

First we were told he’s weird-looking, especially when eating a bacon sandwich – but it turns out the people of this country aren’t all that bothered, as long as he can do the job.

Then we were told that he couldn’t do the job – but by then the Labour Party was already publishing one policy proposal after another which showed that he emphatically could.

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