UK ELECTION: As Oborne’s mirage of growth begins to ripple-dissolve, has the ECB thrown him a lifeline?

The Slog


On 17th March 2014, The Slog posted this piece suggesting that George Osborne was the greatest snake-oil economic feelgood salesman in British history. I wrote at the time:

‘George Osborne is the trickster who insists we are in recovery, when all the data with which he has been unable to tamper insist we are doomed.’

Several times after that I wrote how The Draper was merely gambling on the hope that nothing totally undeniable would emerge before the May 2015 election…especially given much of the electorate was dozing off while watching game shows anyway.

So far, George has appeared to be doing the Colombian march to victory. Until yesterday that is, when the British Chancellor was suddenly faced with ONS data showing that there had been a decrease of 2.7% in mining & quarrying.

That sector is closely aligned to the UK construction…

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