The Miliband myth: Colin Talbot – the voice of sanity

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Yesterday in the Financial Times, Robert Shrimsley added to the petty political backbiting:

ed miliband“For the one thing that all voters know about Ed Miliband is that he secured the leadership of the Labour party over the corpse of his older brother David’s political ambitions”.

He adds that Ed Miliband’s crime was made greater because the pundit class saw David as more centrist – the acrimony is ‘fuelled by vengeful Blairites who cannot forgive Ed his rejection of the faith and depict him as too leftwing’. The defence secretary Michael Fallon, mounted a ‘clearly sanctioned but remarkably crass’ attack on the Labour leader, who, he said, could not be trusted with the security of the country because he had ‘stabbed his own brother in the back.

Paul Goslingretweeted Colin Talbot @colinrtalbot: “David and Ed Miliband fought each other for the Labour leadership – why is Ed a back stabber and…

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