Cameron raises Stafford myth again in TV ‘debate’


In last night’s political ‘debate’ on ITV, David Cameron once again slandered Stafford hospital and its staff in his desperate attempt to slur the NHS and Labour’s record on it, by repeating the false claim that patients drank out of vases, so desperate were they for a drink. This is unfounded nonsense, as vases weren’t even allowed next to patient beds at the time this is supposed to have taken place.

The NHS is central to this election and the Tories will stop at nothing to try to attempt to neutralise Labour’s strong record – and to try to turn the British public against it while they sell it off to their chums and sponsors.

But memories are short and the public can be misled, so I thought a repeat would be in order of a debate from over two years ago on the subject of Mid Staffs and what…

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