This is why we hold our weekly demonstrations. 

You do fantastic work supporting the vulnerable against these Nazi styled JCP centres. We, the downtrodden,poor and disabled are all with you and cant thank you enough for the support you give to others.

The poor side of life

It’s Thursday and our usual demonstration day outside Ashton under Lyne Jobcentre. Why do we go back every week? Because people are suffering and dying needlessly at the hands of DWP officials who in most cases act unlawfully by handing out unlawful sanctions. Combine this with the new troubled families phase 2 trial we expect to see many more deaths. It’s too much stress for people to handle. The minute you walk into the Jobcentre you are treated like a criminal. You aren’t allowed a friend or witness and you aren’t allowed a mobile phone either… There are notices all over informing you of this. You have no access to water or toilet facilities and children are frowned upon, some advisors even stating illegally that children aren’t allowed in the building. Single parents are being lied to.. You have to return to work when your child is a baby which…

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