Our demo today demonstrating against the trial of the Troubled Families Phase 2. 

The poor side of life

Today was a fantastic day and we were blessed with very good weather. It had taken me a couple of weeks to organise this demo and I always get a bit nervous beforehand. Will anyone turn up? I always think that but I needn’t have worried. Waiting for me at Ashton Town Hall was our newest member. He’s a young college student and an inspiration, he’s the voice of the youth and I’m really happy that he can join us. He brought along 9 placards that he had made especially and they were fantastic. Then everyone else started to arrive. I was amazed at the amount of people that arrived. People from all over the North west. They know that demonising the poor and targeting the poor with schemes such as this is very wrong. As I started to speak people started to cheer and clap. People are not happy…

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