Comments from bystanders at today’s impromptu demonstration.

The poor side of life

Today we planned an impromptu demonstration as we felt that Ashton Jobcentre are getting a little too used to us just turning up on Thursdays. We had noticed that the amount of people entering and leaving the Jobcentre had fallen on a Thursday so we wanted to see if it was just a coincidence or not. We saw that it was busier and the Jobcentre were surprised to see us. So we’re the local PCOS who came over to us after leaving a local shop. She thought that she had got her days mixed up and we had a laugh about this. She said “it’s raining Im surprised that you are here” I said “why? We were here in the snow and anyway we like to have that element of surprise. It keeps everyone on their toes.” She laughed and said that she would go inside the Jobcentre and inform…

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