Osborne’s razor, smoke and mirrors

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10407927_677369232332608_5384979058089243718_n“I get madder every day
‘Cause what you do ‘n’ what you say
Affects my life in such a way
I learned to hate it every minute
Cocaine decisions . . .” Frank Zappa.

“All your dreams are made
when you’re chained to the mirror with a razor blade.” One of the Gallagher brothers.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has asked Osborne to specify how he will reach targets announced in the budget, given that the poorest had been the hardest hit by draconian benefit cuts already. The IFS say the worst of the UK’s spending cuts are still to come.

Paul Johnson, the IFS director, said:

“But it is now almost two years since he announced his intention of cutting welfare spending by £12bn. Since then the main announcement has been the plan not to cut anything from the main pensioner benefits.

We have been told about no…

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