Can Ingeus Threaten Home Visits?

Same Difference

I’ve just spotted this through Facebook:

So my situation is this: Today, to my surprise, I received a letter to my house from Ingeus *shudders*. I have officially been off Ingeus for a year now, after completing their 2 year “programme” by April 2014. In this letter they are telling me that “we have a duty to contact you periodically” and that they’ve been “unable to reach you on the contact details we currently hold” so “therefore we are writing to you today to notify you that we intend to visit you at home to obtain an update”.

Are you serious?! I haven’t heard anything from these people for over a year and now they’re going to visit my house? Can anybody tell me what rights I have because I feel that this is harassment.

I actually signed off welfare early when I was with them because of their harassment…

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