MPs’ jobs


This constant and blatant resistance of the Conservative Party, to dealing with democratic reforms beyond occasional lip-service is fast becoming a sordid and sorry joke. The latest is that of Members of Parliament having second jobs and whether this acceptable, preferable or necessary.

The Cons’ main defence, apart from look! Over there! is that we need people from a diverse spectrum of experience and expertise. A notion with which, actually, only bigots and dinosaurs disagree. Ethnicity, gender, class, educational background, anyone..? Well.. quite. Pointing at Labour, during Prime Minister’s Question Time, today, Call-me-Dave claimed that under Labour’s plans to stop MPs’ conflicts of interest and profiting by second jobbing, ‘we would just have trade union cyphers.’ (12.26), At time of writing this, no journalist has produced evidence that any MP is a paid trade union official, though I’m sure some are digging, furiously.

Miliband responded that he is happy…

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