Whitby councillor claims aliens are influencing President Putin’s actions in the Ukraine conflict

I hope to God and pray with all my heart that Cameron doesn’t hear about this raving lunatic else Cameron and the right wing Tory press will have a fucking field day with our Labour Party!
Much as I like and admire Ed Miliband for the way he is putting up with all the white being thrown at him, what I couldn’t bear is the thought of The Sun ridiculing the Labour Party and our leader as being some type of Klingon or V type reptilian eating a bacon butty!
Oh by the way, can someone please direct this councillor to his nearest Health Centre toot sweet! *

* Yes I know that’s not entirely the correct French spelling…. I just couldn’t be added to look it up.


A Labour councillor has claimed Russia’s President Putin is being advised by an alien race.

Simon Parkes told an audience of around 30 people in Wallsend, North Tyneside, that recent hostilities in Eastern Europe are down to extraterrestrial intervention.

Coun Parkes, who has previously claimed he has had ‘hundreds’ of alien encounters in his own life, blamed a group of aliens he calls the Nordics for President Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine.

The North Yorkshire councillor said the Nordics were supporting Putin against percieved American influences in the area.

He said:

“Putin had been part of a group advised by reptiles. Nordics made a counter offer to Putin.

“The technology the Nordics are giving to Putin is on a par with America.

“The Nordics have told Putin he no longer has to toe the American line, hence his resistance.”

The Whitby councillor also told the audience at The…

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