Your children aren’t a priority the Jobcentre is. Yesterday’s demo.

The poor side of life

Yesterday was a wet and cold day and people entering the Jobcentre were more demoralised than ever. We used to have time to set up and get ready but people now wait for us and pop over to say hello, to lend some support and to ask for advice. We see this as a positive sign because people are becoming slightly more empowered and enlightened. They know the way they are being treated is wrong.
A lady who had just left the Jobcentre walked over to me, she is a young single mother with a young child. She said that she feels like she is being targeted by a certain Jobcentre employee. I asked for her advisors name and it was a name that I recognised, the advisor was the same advisor that had tried to target me in the past. The advisor had told her that her child doesn’t…

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