Child Sex Abuse: Green light for Goddard inquiry with caveats from MPs

Westminster Confidential

New Zealand dame Justice Lowell Goddard pic credit: New Zealand dame Justice Lowell Goddard pic credit:

Dame Justice Lowell Goddard got a glowing  endorsement from Keith Vaz, the Labour chair of the home affairs committee, last week after she appeared before his committee in a pre appointment scrutiny hearing.

Although Theresa May, the home secretary, made sure the committee could only endorse not approve the appointment, MPs this time decided that the best decision was to end  the controversy which dogged the past two chairs of the child sex abuse inquiry who both had to quit.

As Keith Vaz said: “We were impressed by the outstanding credentials of Justice Goddard, and the open and transparent wayin which she gave evidence to the Committee. We believe she has the necessary skills and dedication tocarry out this complex task effectively.”…

“We are confident that Justice Goddard will establish full independence from the Home Office and that…

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