In politics, its probably time for us to start thinking for ourselves.

max j freeman

pinkbus The Labour party have been criticised for using a pink bus to campaign for the female vote. Aren’t we, the electorate, beyond this kind of debate? Isn’t it time we grew up as an electorate?

There is no darkness in stupidity.  I’m alone, but not alone.  I have the internet, and the feckless of the world are here to keep me company.  I’ve learned, that if I have anything original to say, as have many who despise the attack dogs of the political status quo, that I will be largely ignored.  But should I state the obvious, pander to the scrum of the socially disinherited, I will be well rewarded.  My words will be shared and retweeted simply because we like to believe as a tribe that we are right, and free thought is not welcome in the world of the sycophant.

Welcome to the world of the…

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