Man burned alive in Britain – but does anybody care?

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A man was burned alive in Britain – and nobody seems to care.

Malcolm Burge, 66, found himself more than £800 in debt as a result of a government decision to cut his housing benefit by 50%.

The council dealing with his case was also unable to correspond properly with Mr Burge because of a massive backlog they were experiencing – again due to government cuts to local government funding.

And so – on the same day he received a letter telling him he had to repay the money – Mr Burge drove to Cheddar Gorge and burned himself alive in his car.

Just the latest victim of Iain Duncan Smith’s war on the poor:


Iain Duncan Smith’s portrait made from photos of people who died for being poor (click on image to enlarge)

Iain-Duncan-Smith Mosaic05

Some of his victims:

Malcolm Burge:


Edward Jacques:edward jacques

Graham Shawcross:graham shawcross

David Coupe:David-Coupe


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