The monumental Maximus challenge

New Approach


How on earth can they fix this?

In order to make some sense of this, I’d ask you to have a good look at why the DWP’s highly misleading state of almost calm on the Employment & Support Allowance front should be considered as the perfect recipe for impending chaos. Do not for one minute be fooled into thinking that the current ‘signs of improvement’ (notably more people in the Support Group) and fewer appeals are something to applaud.

Just for now, forget universal credit, forget the bedroom tax, forget the benefit cap and focus your attention on something that has already affected a massive 4.8 million people. It sounds astonishing, but this is the staggering number of benefit claimants who have been dragged through the wretched Work Capability Assessment (WCA), either by a full on face to face assessment or at a paper assessment where a civil servant…

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