Information About Sanctions

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A lot of useful information here about sanctions and how to avoid them. From Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty.


  • The number of sanctions being imposed on claimants has soared.  People are having their benefits stopped totally unfairly.  This article gives practical ideas for fighting sanctions.  First some main points, then more detail…..
  • If they make a sanction referral against you, act immediately
  • Submit a written statement about why you should not be sanctioned
  • Insist on a meeting with the manager of the Jobcentre (or the workfare provider) to argue the sanction referral be withdrawn
  • If the sanction referral is clearly unjustified, make an official complaint.
  • Claim Hardship Payments from the Jobcentre
  • Inform Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit so these benefits continue 
  • If your sanction is confirmed ask for a written statement of reasons
  • Write to ask for a mandatory reconsideration of the decision by the DWP
  • If this…

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