Our meeting at the Ashton Job Centre today…

Your support is helping so many vulnerable people so please dont be bullied into withdrawing your very peaceful protests.

The poor side of life

Today we were asked to attend a meeting at Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre to “discuss” our protests outside the Job Centre every Thursday. The local police facilitated this and a constable and inspector was present.
I can give you a brief outline of events so far as we will want to see the minutes from this meeting first to check things and to decide what may happen next.
Those present were the the two police officers and 3 members of the JOb Centre staff, namely the manager and two women. One of which was an area manager. Members of Tameside against the cuts and a representative of Unite in the community. The Job Centres alleged concerns were…… People sometimes standing in the Job Centre doorway…. Entering the Jobcentre and taking photographs of staff…. I repeat they are alleged concerns. We have never actively blocked any doorway or indeed gone…

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