Vox Political: BBC Reveals UKIP Thanet Chairman as Former Stormtrooper

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Mike over at Vox Political reports the BBC’s finding that the chairman of UKIP’s Thanet South branch, Martyn Heale, was formerly a member of the National Front. The article states that Heale has said that ‘he deeply regrets’ his past in the Nazi organisation. Mike’s article is UKIP’s Thanet South chairman regrets National Front past – BBC News, and is at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2014/12/26/ukips-thanet-south-chairman-regrets-national-front-past-bbc-news/. Farage has insisted repeatedly that his party is non-racist and non-sectarian, and there is a ban on former members of the Fascist Right joining the party. Despite this ban, prominent members of Farage’s party keep turning out to have pasts in or links to the stormtroopers of the BNP, NF and similar Nazi groups.

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