The moment Ed Miliband said he’ll bring socialism back to Downing Street

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One of the most frequent and misinformed comments I see about the Labour Party is “Oh, but they aren’t socialist enough.”  My standard response is to post Labour’s policy proposals, because the people who raise this complaint most often can’t name even one of the policies. Then I try and engage in a discussion about what the policies are about – the implications and social consequences of them, and what they reflect about the Labour Party.

I often waste my time, because the people usually making this claim are defensive None of The Above protagonists, or Green and Scottish National Party  supporters, who have no intention of genuinely discussing anything critically, they offer dogmatic, propaganda-styled soundbites instead, designed to mislead. Yet they ought to be our natural allies, and invest some time in attacking the Conservatives regarding their austerity cuts and idiosyncratic brand of anti-democracy instead of telling lies…

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