Tory Britain!

Since 2010 the Tories have killed over 250,000 claimants & starved and made homeless millions more! The poor, sick & disabled need your help for this to end. Not voting Tory is a start!

Tory Britain!

Ed Miliband’s 10 Biggest Successes as Labour Leader, at a glance – LabourLeft

Politics and Insights

Thanks to Sean at LabourLeft for this neat summary
1.      Ed made the “cost of living crisis” the central issue in British politics, and the central economic challenge to reform our economy to ensure that prosperity is shared by the broad majority and not just the few at the top. Your pay packet has suffered its most sustained real terms fall in 159 years.

2.      Ed stood up to Rupert Murdoch over phone hacking and blocked Murdoch’s attempt to concentrate media ownership further when he tried to buy 100% of BskyB. Remember just how close the Tory Party and previous Labour leaders were to Murdoch.

3.      Ed stopped David Cameron’s rush to war in Syria in 2013. Ed has also apologised for the Iraq war.

4.      Ed has promised to tackle the scandal of low pay and economic insecurity for millions by calling for the end of zero hours contracts, a sharp increase in…

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