#UniversalCredit to dramatically increase low-paid, insecure and casual work, especially zero hour contracts (ZHCs)


Low pay and zero-hours contracts rise dramatically, figures show (Observer 13/12/14)

“Just one in every forty of the net jobs added to the economy between 2008 and 2014 has been a full-time employee job. Over the same period 24 in every 40 net jobs added have been self-employed, and 26 in every 40 have been part-time.”

Special report: Why can’t Britain create decent jobs?

#UniversalCredit: Activities that could b imposed when in employment, including Psychological Fundamentalism

“UC claimants who refuse to accept a zero hours contract job offer, without good reason, can be subject to a sanction. However a UC claimant will not be sanctioned for refusing to take a zero hours contract with an exclusivity clause”

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