I Heard a Rumour, And I Didn’t Like It One Bit


In my state of euphoria yesterday following on from the #Plebgate findings I stumbled across a piece of “information”.

I must first assure that I cannot verify this information but it is certainly plausible, and if I were still a serving warranted Police Officer I would be banging on my Fed Rep’ s door, and my boss’s door demanding some reassurance.

It has been alleged that there is a policy residing somewhere within the Home Office to continue whittling away at the number of warranted officers until you are reduced to 80,000. The additional numbers that are required to be made up of PCSOs and Specials.

Quite shocking but hardly surprising.

The ConDems already have a similar policy with the Armed Forces. They have slashed the numbers of all three Armed Forces to below the level required to defend our country. The policy is to make up the deficit with…

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