Cameron fulfilling aid to world’s poor – but what about the UK’s poor? (#UK #politics #welfare #austerity)

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faid0001Another round of chest beating by David Cameron is reported in the mainstream press today as he states that the UK will ‘fulfil its promise to the poorest people in the world’ – apparently.

Foreign aid spend hit its highest ever figure of over £11 BILLION in 2013, a massive increase of 30.2% on the previous year. This makes the UK the 2nd biggest donor after the USA.

The coalition government target spend on foreign aid is 0.7% of gross national income.

The controversial figure has attracted much criticism at a time when the people of the UK are being subjected to incredibly harsh cuts across public services and welfare.

Usually the government are very vocal about their achievements, but there was no announcement of the 0.7% target being reached. Trying to keep their waste of taxpayer’s money secret, the only clue was in a tweet in April by…

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