The Government considers itself to be above the law.

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The Government says that Atos offices are totally accessible and very fair ….


…but then this Government says an awful lot that’s utter twaddle, as we know only too well. For example, despite the Tory claim that the Work Capability Assessment has been “refined and improved” we note with bitter disappointment that the recommendations of the former Harrington reviews have not been implemented at all. The struggle against a grossly unfair assessment process continues, and this is despite the ruling of a recent judiciary review, also ignored by the authoritarians in Office. (Please see appendix for the FOI response regarding a Request for Internal Review.)

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) are surely in contempt of court – because they have not amended their policies on mental health and the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), despite the judicial review and subsequent upper tribunal decision regarding the application of the Equality Act. Permission was granted to bring a…

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