Stand with us and be sanctioned. Jobcentre bullying at its worst.

Who the hell do these JC+ people think they are!
Whatever a person does OUTSIDE OF THEIR REMIT should not be used as a way to punish a claimant.

These fuckers think they are GOD and revel in their control of claimants and the power over them.

Whatever happened to HELPING THE UNEMPLOYED rather than just berating or punishing them with warnings and sanctions!

Remember, there is only one man and one woman to blame for this and that is IDS & MCVEY OF THE TORY PARTY.

Vote them out in 2015.

The poor side of life

Today we met at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre for our regular Thursday demonstration. Nothing unusual at that. We are there every week to support the victims of the Jobcentres cruel sanctioning regime. What was unusual was that we were missing a regular attender. A member of the public that often attended our demonstrations. A nice quiet man, well mannered and very unassuming. He can see the injustice of the system. He had however passed a message onto us saying that he couldn’t attend because the Jobcentre staff had threatened him with sanctions for attending. He would however join us at our meeting after the demonstration away from the Jobcentre. When he joined us I quickly interviewed him and here is a transcript of that interview. In his own words. I cannot name him because he is scared. Hes been threatened by the Jobcentre.

“I walked into the Jobcentre for my…

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