Northumberland : Former councillor blasts ‘insulting’ hospital transport changes


New criteria which means some patients can no longer access transport to healthcare represent a “dangerous disservice” to patients.

That’s the view of former Berwick Borough and North Sunderland Parish Councillor Bill Weeks, who is furious with new national guidelines introduced by the Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group on October 20.

The new rules have seen patients phone to book their usual ambulance taxi for coming appointments or operations, only to be told they are no longer eligible.

Commenting on the  Berwick Advertiser’s Facebook page, Irene Windram said she was “made to feel like a scrounger” when she asked for transport to hospital for an eye operation. “As a result my sister is losing a day’s work without pay to take me,” Ms Windram said.

Mr Weeks, who lives in Seahouses, this week branded the move “catastrophic”.

He said: “It’s…

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