Miliband is an excellent leader, and here’s why.

Kitty always finds the words to cut thru all the bullshit being thrown at Ed Miliband, and manages to convey the truth of why we can trust Ed to not only be a good Prime Minister but a great PM if he is given the chance. To me, its an easy choice even if you dont have much faith in him; its either 5 more years of Tory “no need” austerity so they can reward their Paymasters even further, or giving Ed the chance to repair the damage caused and improve lives for the vulnerable, unemployed, sick & disabled and the working men & women, all of whom have been denigrated and needlessly punished by these Tory & LibDem bastards.

Politics and Insights

Breaking news: Thirty MPs. and almost the entire nation demand that Cameron stands down. UKIP defectors say he’s not leadership quality, and can’t eat a chip butty without looking stupid, and Lynton Crosby blames Labour…

Odd, isn’t it, that the media didn’t declare that Cameron’s leadership is in crisis, recently, with the two high profile UKIP defections. .

Rumour-mongering in the media, paraded as newsworthy headlines about “discontent” over Miliband’s leadership is based almost entirely on two cowardly backbenchers – who have curiously chosen to remain anonymous and thus remain conveniently unquotable – grumbling about Miliband.

Welcome to the new era of media amplified political campaigning Crosby-style: the politics of spite.

Not only is this malicious approach meant to be potentially profoundly damaging to Miliband, but to candidates and of course, to the millions of people  suffering enormously under the current regime, who desperately need a Labour government. It’s an attempt to…

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