Slave #Britain: Child #Poverty Could Rise To FIVE Million By 2020 (#welfare)

Order Of Truth

cpovThe number of UK children trapped in poverty could reach nearly FIVE million by 2020, a leading UK children’s charity has warned.

Save the Children say that the number of children living in relative poverty is set to soar by 1.4 million between now and 2020.

The figure represents a 41% increase on the number of children already regarded as being in poverty, which currently stands at an estimated 3.5 million.

The report ‘A Fair Start For Every Child‘ reveals that children have been forced to bear the brunt of government austerity cuts, in what Save the Children describe as a “triple whammy of years of flat wages, cuts to benefits and the rising cost of living”.

Figures show that child poverty rates stalled between 1998 and 2004, but are now rising at an unprecedented rate – particularly since the Tory-led coalition government came to office in 2010.

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