Conservatives should repay cost of misleading tax stunt, says TUC

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Over the past four years, the government has scapegoated people who need to claim benefits by blaming them for their circumstances, which are actually because of Tory-led economic policies. This is a government that is ideologically opposed to welfare provision of any kind, and  we have already seen the steady dismantling of our post- war settlement, which was agreed by the main political parties at the time, and comprised of a mixed economy, a free public sector, free healthcare and education, a guaranteed state pension, social welfare provision and access to legal aid.

There was a political consensus that this was the basis for a healthy society. The provisions under the post-war settlement, together with our observation of human rights, have been the basis of our democratic society, until recently.

To justify their ideology, and their draconian policies, the government have used a propaganda campaign that has vilified benefit claimants, and…

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