Annual Tax Statements Will Show ‘Welfare’ As One Category

Same Difference

They were originally planning to show pensions and disability/sickness benefits as separate categories:

However, the breakdown does not make clear that most of the welfare budget goes to pensioners, and sick and disabled people. The Treasury originally planned to show just 3% went towards unemployment benefits while much larger amounts went to children and families, elderly people and those unable to work. A Treasury spokesman said this 2012 version had just been a prototype and after research it was decided to simplify the summaries. A more detailed breakdown was available on the government’s website.

To make this even worse, the Guardian article says that for someone earning £30,000 a year:

£1,663 of their money goes towards welfare, £1,280 to health, £892 on education, and £822 to state pensions. Just £78 of their salary goes towards overseas aid and £51 to the EU budget.

According to that list, the largest…

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