The great council house sell off scandal, again – right to buy leaves nowhere for poor people to live

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Council houses, already in limited supply, are being sold off on the cheap to people who immediately rent them back to housing benefit tenants, according to an Independent investigation that exposes a new “Right to Buy” scandal.

Cameron launched a revamped version of Right to Buy in 2012, giving new preferential terms. He increased the cap on the maximum discount to £75,000 (or £100,000 for London). This means a quadrupling of the discount in London and a trebling for most parts of Britain.

Now the Independent has uncovered evidence that the Government’s drive to encourage councils to sell off their already limited supplies of housing stock is allowing former council tenants to profiteer as buy-to-let landlords.

Margaret Thatcher coerced local authorities who were strapped for cash in the 1980s to sell their properties at a cut price, and the Tory Government’s latest  initiative to encourage councils to sell off their…

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