Progeria Girl Ashanti Smith, 11, Ordered By Teacher To Remove Pink Wig

Absolutely abhorrent behaviour from those teachers!
We cant even trust professional people with basic common sense these days, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for putting this poor girl through yet more trauma.

Same Difference

A terminally ill  schoolgirl who suffers from alopecia has been left devastated after teachers forced her to remove a wig she wore to school.

Ashanti Elliott-Smith, 11, wanted hair like other girls but says she was told to take it off because it was pink and could encourage others to dye their hair.

She suffers from Hutchinson Gilford Progeria, a rare ageing disease that makes her look 80. She is not expected to live past her 15th birthday.

The youngster “fell in love” with the wig after her mother’s friend gave it to her last Wednesday.

Her mother, Phoebe Smith, dropped her off at Oakmeeds Community College in Burgess Hill West Sussex, the next day. She says teachers said her daughter looked “glamorous” and “beautiful”.

But just minutes later a teacher told Ashanti to remove the wig.

Miss Smith, 29, from Burgess Hill, said: “She was devastated when they told…

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