Robert Walsh: Invisible Disabilities – ‘I Told You I Was Ill…’

New Approach

This is a guest post by writer Robert Walsh, see his blog & follow him on twitter @Bareknuckle1975

Just because some of us LOOK perfectly healthy, doesn’t automatically mean that we actually ARE.

‘But you don’t LOOK like there’s anything wrong with you..?’

A typical everyday remark often, but not always, accompanied by a raised eyebrow and tacit implication that you’re a malingerer, a benefit fraudster or possibly both. You’re not in a wheelchair or an iron lung or hobbling slowly on crutches or sticks. You don’t have withered muscles, missing limbs, burns or scars. You’re not blindly staggering around carrying your severed head under your arm like a biker’s crash helmet. You’re not shrieking with pain every time you so much as raise an eyebrow. People don’t actually SEE there’s a problem at all. So you must be perfectly healthy, right?

Erm, wrong actually.

Many disabled people, I happen…

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