The Archbishop admits it: sexual abuse rampant in Britain

The government are scratching their unelected heads over who to appoint as another suitable Chair, now that Woolf has been found to be “part of the Establishment” or very close to it, They know as time goes on and they do nothing the public wont let them get away with that, and now this letter by Whelby shows even the Church of England realises that the truth must come out.
Gone are the days of covering up it seems, hopefully for the childrens sakes.

Westminster Confidential

Today my colleague Tim Wood reveals the full details of a recent private letter from Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to Marilyn Hawes,the Hertfordshire mother of three boys sexually abused at a Church of England school more than a decade ago.

The contents will confirm what everybody connected with following the child sexual abuse scandal as it has been developing, knows – that child sexual abuse has been rampant, as he puts it, across institutions in Britain.

As Tim discloses in his article on the Exaro website and in the Sunday Times the Archbishop – who is known to see this as a major problem in society – does not mince his words.

“It is now clear that in a huge number of institutions and localities, the abuse of children and vulnerable adults has been rampant. That is not in any way mitigation or excuse for the church, but is why I…

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