Government Advertising Campaign To Target Benefit Fraud Across 50 Cities

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A press release:

We’ve launched a major advertising campaign targeted at nearly 50 towns and cities across the country.

A range of television and radio adverts, posters, letters and Facebook ads will be used in each region to urge claimants to report changes in their circumstances or risk a jail sentence.

The advert displays a map pin icon landing on the region and tells claimants if their circumstances have changed to ‘call us to update your claim before we call you.’

Department for Work and Pensions Minister Mark Harper said:

We are giving benefit claimants every opportunity to tell us if their circumstances have changed, as the majority do. But those who cheat the system need to know we will use everything in our power to stop them stealing money from hardworking taxpayers, and that they could land themselves in jail when they’re caught.

Our fraud investigators have new and…

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