Big IT buying change at HMRC


Huge HMRC IT contract to be split up – a real break with tradition?

Francis Maude, the minister in charge of Whitehall reform, has, with his team, achieved some success in cutting IT-related costs, changing buying habits. and holding big suppliers to account for failures.

The perception is that many of the achievements have been around the periphery of high-cost government IT: the number of government websites has been cut but mega IT contracts remain in place, particularly at the DWP and HMRC.

That may now change.

According to Government Computing, HMC has decided against issuing an invitation to tender for the replacement of its key Customs Handling of Import & Export Freight (CHIEF) system. The system, supplied by BT and run on Fujitsu hardware, has cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

An ITT was expected to be issued this summer but Government Computing understoods that HMRC has decided against…

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