A snapshot of stupidity – from a Ukip voter

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Quote from an “informed” resident of Clacton, after casting a carefully considered vote…

 UKIP suffers from a chronic, persistent failure to appeal to three key groups of voters – women (because of the chauvinistic and anti-feminist views of Ukip members and politicians); young people (who find the party almost farcically out of touch with their own world-view) and ethnic minorities (because of its strident and emotive language about immigration), but UKIP does represent something of a “blue-collar revolt”- its electoral base is “old, male, working class, white and less educated,” say academics Matthew Goodwin and Robert Ford. This would explain the strong anti-intellectual prejudice. Anti-intellectualism is a dominant feature of far-right politics.

And apparently, in Clacton, so is forgetfulness.

Gosh Carswell, the great “voice of the people” overthrowing that Westminster right-wing establishment…. with an established right-wing member of the establishment…

Ukip: for when the Tories aren’t Tory enough….


 Perhaps it…

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