400,000 ESA Claims Disappear From Stats

Same Difference

Dr Greg Wood posted this last Tuesday. I hope you’ll agree with me, readers, that this is one of those times when old is gold.

The old men of Caxton House might seem unworldly, but they know how to pull off a conjuring trick: they’ve made 400,000 claims vanish into thin air.

The Atos bottleneck has led to a huge number of jobless people getting stuck in welfare limbo (or “limboland” as IDS said in the House the other day). They wait…and wait…and wait for their ESA claims to be assessed.

In the meantime, how does the DWP classify them, in its official stats?

  • JSA claimants?
  • Unemployed?
  • ESA recipients?
  • Employees?

Answer: none of the above.
They aren’t recorded anywhere in the data fed to the press.

SHAZAM! The number of people claiming out-of-work benefits has fallen by 400,000!

As if by magic, job centre performance has improved too! Double bubble!

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