Fashionable, Suitable Clothes For People With Downs Syndrome

Same Difference

What do you think about this, readers? Is there really a need for people with Downs to have specialist clothes?

Two US companies are designing clothes to better fit the body shapes of people with Down’s syndrome. But are different clothes really needed?

“Ashley has a typical Down’s syndrome body,” says Connie DeRamus. Talking about her 32-year-old daughter, she says: “At 5ft tall, Ashley is shorter than most women. She has a stocky, wide build, is short in the torso and is small in the top half.”

Indicators of Down’s syndrome includes smaller femurs and humerus bones, meaning arms and legs aren’t quite as long as average. Typically people with the syndrome are shorter and it’s reported that some can have stomachs which are a little larger, thought by many to be a medical consequence of the condition.

Ashley DeRamus began designing dresses for women of a similar shape to…

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