Students Using Food Banks: A Disabled Student’s Experience

Same Difference

Following this shocking article about York University students using food banks to eat, Same Differencespoke to disabled former student LJ Duut who used a food bank while studying Law at  Cambridge   in 2011.

Here LJ shares her experience:

My GP referred me to foodbank when I was studying. The problem was that you have no choice- for example I have never ever eaten weetabix and neither had hubby and we were not used to biscuits so they were a waste. It came with a booklet of recipes – me being a vegge I was told that I had chicken soup to mix with pasta. I was told there was not much chicken in it? . Hubby tried to eat it but by that point his pallet couldn’t tolerate lumps of pasta as he was too ill. Tea- we both never drank tea and that also went to waste…

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