Mysterious Leon Brittan

This government,along with previous ones, both Labour & Tory, have their hands covered in the stench of the most vilest of cover-ups for over 40 years!

Its high time that the “Establishment”, whomever that term covers, be it Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, MP’s,Judiciary,Police and even Royalty; should be brought to its knees and face real proper punishment for the crimes they have committed, been witness to or concealed.

Today in the 21st century, instances such as these crimes against children,misconduct in public office, aiding & abetting of felons and destruction of evidence, should have the full weight of the law brought down upon them!

Its time we the public, do our best to campaign against these crimes & criminals, and seek justice for all those poor children, and forgiveness for ourselves for letting them down in the first place.

There is no excuse for the latter.