MPs say ‘Stop benefits of IS fighter families’ (#UK #Politics #ISIS #Muslim #Islam #Welfare))

Order Of Truth

isbenMPs have called for the government to introduce measures to stop the welfare benefits of families of members who travel abroad to fight for terrorist groups.

In something that most of us would consider common sense, MPs across the political spectrum have called for stronger action against those who take taxpayer’s money and are a threat to society.

Belgium and Australia have already introduced similar legislation.

Speaking to the Daily Express, former defence minister Gerald Howarth said: “We are paying a high price for multi-culturalism that allows people to believe they can have Sharia law in Britain. We are a Christian country.

“The Islamic community is a tight-knit one and it is up to them to be proactive and ensure their children are not seduced by these extremists. Why should people who claim no allegiance to this country and actively act against our values be supported by taxpayers’ money?”

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