UK becomes the first country to face a UN inquiry into disability rights violations

This post should scare the shit out of everyone of voting age in May 2015, but especially the elderly, sick, disabled anyone else classed as unfortunate; the poor, unemployed, homeless etc.
What the Tories intend to do by taking away from UK citizens their Human Rights should provide the necessary warning of where this Party wants to lead us and how this party wants to control us.
The rights of freedom, justice, respect and fairness have all been long fought for over the centuries, by people like us and our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers etc, and this fight with the Conservatives is just another of these battles that we must win for all concerned.
Its a great post so please read it all the way through, our future, and our childrens futures, depend on Labour winning in May 2015 by an all out majority.
Please make it happen!

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We ought to be very concerned about the government’s declaration that they intend to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, (ECHR)  and to repeal our own Human Rights Act, (HRA). One has to wonder what Cameron’s discomfort with the HRA is. The Act, after all, goes towards protecting the vulnerable from neglect of duty and abuse of power. The rights protected by the HRA are drawn from the 1950 European convention on human rights, which was a way of ensuring that we never again witness the full horrors of the second world war, and overwhelmingly, one of the greatest stains on the conscience of humanity – the Holocaust.

Human Rights establish a simple set of minimum standards of decency for humankind to hold onto for the future. The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was drafted as a lasting legacy of the struggle against fascism and…

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