How the government lets your car reveal how much disability benefit you receive?

Westminster Confidential

DVLA -revealing disability benefits via car regostration DVLA -revealing disability benefits via car regostration

With the tabloid media frenzy on cheating benefit claimants reaching new heights and people believing that some disabled people are fraudsters, the government seems to have found a new way to embarrass people on benefit.

The forthcoming abolition of car tax discs  from October means that the only way to check whether a vehicle is taxed is to check free on line at the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). All anybody needs is the vehicle registration and the make of car – you don’t even need to know the model.

But the DVLA has decided to introduce a new  way of reporting who doesn’t have to pay car tax  by creating a new class of taxation called disabled.revealing whether the person who drives it is disabled rather than leaving it blank.

As I reported in Tribune under the new system, people can find out…

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