World Exclusive – From the Office of Sadiq Khan

With “schism’s” in both the Labour & Tory Party now over the disproportionate action by Israel meted out to the Palestinian people, mostly innocent children, could this be the turning of at least 1 tide, the UK Governments, in officially showing negativity towards the Zionist regime of Netanyahu?
And if not, with 3 weeks of bombardment against the Gazans, just how many thousands of children must be “murdered” before The World says Enough is Enough, and backs it up with embargo’s against Israel.

max j freeman

My insider has given me a Statement that is not yet released to the mainstream media from Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan, Mp for Tooting Constituency, Shadow Justice Minister and Shadow Lord Chancellor

The statement reads,

“This week, the death toll in the Gaza Strip exceeded 1400. The loss of human life is heartbreaking. More than 245,000 people have been forced from their homes. It is welcome that a temporary ceasefire appears to have been agreed but bitterly disappointing to hear that the current humanitarian ceasefire seems to have collapsed after just a few hours. As you know, the situation changes daily. I try and keep my website updated on developments and you can click here to find out the latest I am up to in this terribly distressing issue.”

The link to Sadiq’s update is here. (Worth taking a look, I have to add)

Mr Khan has been criticised in…

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